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Hi, my name is Alex Silva and over the past 20 years I have been working with business owners from a varied range of industries, from fast food to coffee supply, from pharmacy to carpet cleaning, from optometry to café owners.

I have directly worked with more than 95 different businesses providing guidance, mentoring and coaching to help small and medium business owners achieve success, improve bottom-line profitability and implement systems to help them have a better quality of life and personal time back to themselves.

I have a Bachelor Degree of Marketing, a Post Graduate Certificate of Counselling and Psychotherapy and Business Coaching certification from the largest Business Coaching group in the world, Actioncoach. Although very positive, my formal education is only surpassed by the real-life experiences to have met and worked with so many different business owners.

Meeting and working with Alex was one of the most significant pivotal moments in my career. He helped me not only bringing my business to the next level but also to balance success and well being at the same time.

But the biggest thing Alex did for me during the last 1.5 years was just to be there. He is hyper-responsive, super aware, and you better prepare to be challenged by his questions all the time. Alex does this with a positive, uplifting, and sincere attitude I never experienced in a human being before.

And on the side, he made me achieve goals and create an insane amount of assets I never believed I could do before.

Alex is a rare soul, and I’m feeling grateful that he coached me.


Cafe Owner

Alex - More Than Coaching

Most of my career was spent in positions of Business consultant for franchisors all over Australia and I have also become a franchisee for one of the brands I worked for.

It allowed me to understand what separates the normal independent business owner from the hundreds of multi-site franchisees who were able to successfully own a business but not work in it – SYSTEMS.

The creation and implementation of systems is what allows business owners to replace themselves, is what makes it possible for franchisees to own more than one store. We all have 24 hours in a day and the person who makes 100 times more money than you do not work 100 times harder, this would be impossible.

The secret is to replace yourself by using systems in your business. This is what I learnt from all my years in the franchise sector and it can now be available to you.

I will help you create and implement your own systems based on the reality and needs of your business, so you can easily train someone else to perform the tasks you have to do right now.

You will get two things: more time to build your business, generating extra money and more free time to enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

I know where it hurts, I understand the hurdles small business owners go through trying to make enough money to pay the bills, trying to have a predictable stream of customers that can guarantee a stable revenue and trying to juggle the demands of running a business with personal life and family time.

It was once said that a business owner is that crazy person who decided to work 100 hours a week just so they wouldn’t have to work 40 hours for somebody else… And what’s worse, now he can’t even call his boss an idiot!

The coaching process you will go through will help you understand how to market your products or services in a more effective way, how to increase your profitability, how to hire and train staff in a systematic way so you will never feel hostage to talent ever again.

You will have a system for everything and just like a Macdonald’s franchisee is able to leave their multimillion-dollar enterprise to be looked after by teenagers who are managed by a 20 something-year-old, you will have the peace of mind to know that your business will still work as it should, even if you are not there.

Heck, if you don’t have that right now, I am sorry to say that you don’t own a business – you own a job!

My mission as your business coach is to guide you, independent business owner, on how to implement franchise systems, allowing for more leverage, control and organization, which will ultimately lead to more time, profit and a better life.

I have a vision to coach small business owners in Australia and all over the world, so they can have a great quality of life and better serve their customers, employees, their own families and the community around them.

When we have decided that we are a good match for each other, we will work together to help your business thrive through systems. It will be like having all the advantages of the time-tested franchise sector, without having to become a franchisee.

Everyone I work with has a set of values and I pride myself in mine and try to only have in my team a group of people who share similar values in life.

Why Work With Me?

Here’s my 7 points of culture:

Be Humane: Have respect, love and understanding for others regardless of their financial situation, political position, religious believes, social status, ethnic background, age or gender.

Be Personable: Always remember that a business is not a thing by itself, behind any business or enterprise there’s a person – the business owner – who has feelings, aspirations, dreams, a family, friends and supports other families through employment, which in turn supports an entire local community.

Be Relational: Value the ones in your life, your loved ones, your friends, your business associates, your mentors and teachers, your competition, suppliers and all in your professional network. Support them, provide help where necessary and always be present not just in quantity but in the quality of time you spend with them.

Be Yourself: Be honest, with yourself and others. Be congruent, never ask anyone to do what you are not willing to do yourself. Constantly increase self-awareness to develop the aspects of yourself that requires improvement and don’t just rely on the things you have already achieved. Do what you say you will do, lead by example and ensure difficult conversations are always dealt in a gentle way. Avoid aggression, anger, pessimism and unnecessary confrontations.

Be Responsible: Never blame your circumstances, the economy, the weather, the politicians, the laws, the in-laws, your neighbour or anyone else for your own situation in life. Be grateful every day for the things you have and remember the ones that have less than you. Whenever possible take care of people who cannot take care of themselves, the elderly, young children, the destitute, the impoverished, the persecuted. Help financially, be charitable or donate your time as a volunteer.

Be the Listener: Make sure you listen to people with curiosity and honest interest, don’t listen thinking about what you going to say next, but try to connect with the other person in a way they feel valued. Don’t judge without understanding first, don’t project your own believes or your own values to others, don’t push your way of doing things but instead help others see their own solutions.

Be tridimensional: Take care of you mind-body-soul, feed them with good things, always thrive to improve and excel. Learn continually, meditate, pray, relax, enjoy life, spend quality time with your friends and family, participate in your local church or club, build lasting relationships. Do not dwell on information that won’t build you up or on gossip about other people. Don’t spend your energy or concerns with issues you cannot resolve or have a direct impact on. Avoid faul language and do not litter.

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