Pricing & Package

Inclusions Packages starting from $1250

$1250 + $29 hosting

DIY – Do It Yourself

The Shell Starter Store is a “shell” store ideal for entrepreneurs who love to take control of the business and grow it themselves.

Ideally, to operate this store, you should have digital marketing experience and know how to scale the business

The Shell Store doesn’t include any marketing or SEO – here you can use your creativity to add your own unique marketing strategies.


$1690 + $49 Hosting 

DFY – Done For You Basic Package.

Ideal for entrepreneurs who are starting out in dropshipping and don’t have the time to scale the business, however, are on a budget.

Ideally, to operate this store, you should have digital marketing experience and know how to scale the business. With Google Ads and Facebook Account already setup, all you need to do is add your marketing budget into Google and Facebook and start running your ads. Please note that no campaigns have been setup as you can either do it yourself or hire us.

The Bronze Store doesn’t include any marketing or SEO – however, we have set up the basic Google Ads Search Campaign Ads template and Facebook Social Media accounts for you.

Also, connected are your reporting systems including Search Console and Google Analytics but doesn’t include conversion tracking or pixels.


$2390 + $99 Hosting + 20% of AdSpend 

DFY – Done For You Gold Package.

Ideal for entrepreneurs who are starting out in dropshipping and don’t have the time to scale the business or want to outsource their marketing.

In the Gold Package, we take care of your Google PLA Shopping Ads and Facebook PPC Ads (up to 10 products). We will designs the ads and run the campaigns. NOTE: You do have to pay Google and Facebook for your own marketing depending on your budget.

We will also connect your Analytics dashboards so you can monitor the traffic to your website


$3490 + $999 per month + 20% AdSpend

DFY – Done For You Platinum Package.

This is where you scale your business to new heights with pre-paid ads and marketing done for you!

We even take care of your marketing so all you do is process all the orders you receive, arrange your suppliers to ship to your customers, ensure the payments are in your PayPal account and communicate with your clients.

Ideal for entrepreneurs and investors who want to earn a good ROI.

In the Platinum Package, we take care of all your online marketing including Google PLA Shopping, Search, Display & Network Ads, Facebook/Instagram PPC ads, setup and manage eBay store, Social Media posting plus SEO (up to 5 keywords). NOTE: You do have to pay Google and Facebook for your own marketing depending on your budget.

With this package, you simply watch the money roll into your bank account!


Inclusions – Here’s What You Get With Each Store

  • Shopping Cart Website: All setup and ready-to-go!
  • Business Concept: We spend hours researching the hottest products
  • We Find The Suppliers: Access MILLIONS of products & get 1-1 help
  • 24/7 Training: LIFETIME access to our online training library
  • FREE Hosting  for 12 months Bronze, Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • Email Software Integration: We can integrate your site with email software – Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • Email Autoresponders: Website emails are all set up and automated-  Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • Website Optimised SEO: We have installed search engine optimization plugins into your site to rank on Google and we’ll show you how to use it – Gold & Platinum Store SEO included and managed
  • FREE Domain Name: All of our stores include a free domain name or you can choose your own
  • FREE Access to our Facebook Dropship Entrepreneurs Forum
  • FREE Business Cards BronzeGold & Platinum Store Only
  • FREE SSL Certificate – Google now prefers websites that have https.  BronzeGold & Platinum Store Only
  • Logo & Imagery: Logo and website images all done
  • 1-1 Marketing Training: We train you 1-to-1 on pay per click advertising – – optional paid service – FREE for Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • Google Analytics Set Up: FREE for BronzeGold & Platinum Store Only
  • Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ & Facebook Management: We can manage your social media pages- Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Access support when you need it
  • 1-1 Business Training Sessions: Our Founder has DECADES of experience running successful stores. Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • Initial Product Upload: We upload your products to get you selling, fast.
  • Live Chat Install: Chat live with customers- optional paid service. Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • 1-1 Business Mentoring: Get 1-to-1 mentoring with our Founder – Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • Mobile Shopping App: Have your very own shopping app for IOS & Android. – optional paid service – Additional costs apply
  • PayPal Payment Integration: We integrate your website with PayPal when you get your PayPal API. FREE Setup for Bronze, Gold  & Platinum Store Only
  • Stripe Payment Integration: We can integrate your website with Stripe- optional paid service
  • Facebook Shop: We can connect your website to your very own FB Shop- optional paid service.  FREE for Bronze,  Gold & Platinum Store Only
  • eBay & Amazon Store: We can connect your website to your very own eBay and Amazon Store-  FREE for  Gold & Platinum Store Only

Pricing Plan

Here’s What’s Included In Each Package

DISCLAIMER: My Profit Store does not guarantee sales and purchases from the traffic delivered to your store. My Profit Store holds no responsibility for lead conversions. Additional charges apply should you wish to increase your Ad Spend budget

Answers to Your Questions

What’s the difference between the DIY starter store and the others??

DIY stores are great if you are familiar with digital marketing and dropshipping. You can purchase one or multiple stores.

However if you are not sure how to generate sales, then it’s best to purchase the Gold or Platinum stores as they are DFY (Done For You) stores.

What do the monthly charges include?

These charges include monthly hosting for each website you purchase.

Then depending on the package, you purchased, they also include Google and/or Facebook pay per click advertising and management, SEO, email marketing,  eBay store setup and management, social media marketing and search engine marketing setup and implemented so your live store is generating traffic which should, in turn, generate sales for your store.

Do you pay for our advertising?

No, in the Gold and Platinum stores we will design and create your marketing campaigns so all you have to do is pay for your ad spend pay per click (PPC) advertising depending on your budget so your website can generate traffic and sales. It is advisable to increase your Ad Spend budget if you want to increase traffic.

What if I want to take control of my store?

Of course, you can! Anytime you want to. It’s your store after all! We are simply growing and nurturing it for you so you can take over one day.

On the other hand, if you are too busy you can continue hiring our team to manage your store and ensure your store consistently generate sales.

What exactly does our VA do?

Your Virtual Assistant (VA) is assigned specifically to ensure your sales process is flowing systemically. From the time your customers inquire about your product to the time they make the purchase, to ordering the sold products from your supplier in China and ensuring it’s safe delivery and arrival to your customer’s door, your VA will ensure the process is seamless and your customer is happy with your service. This is an add-on service so please contact us for details.

What if my store doesn’t make a sale?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee sales. We do however guarantee that you’ll see traffic into your website if you have Google Analytics connected. Once you get leads (enquiries & calls), you should contact your prospects to answer their questions. Remember to build relationships and deliver excellent customer service. This will ensure your business constantly grows. Don’t worry, we are right by your side should you want assistance!

Just a quick email to let you know that my business website is now live and up and running! I launched it this morning and have already had 3 sales!! Thank you to Neil and your team for your quick support and I am looking forward to building my little business into something big! Thanks again


Spa Products

Just letting you know that I am doing really well. My shop has just taken off. I have made lots of sales so far. About 3 weeks ago, I got so busy, I had an order every day!  Thanks again for this great business, all in the comfort of my own home & looking after our new little man! It’s great being able to do this from my kitchen table! 


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