Case Studies


CASE STUDY Rikiti Lawn & Property Services

Discover how Joe went from 0 to 32 and growing regular paying clients in under 5 months! Joe always wanted to start a garden and property services business but wasn’t sure how he would get clients. With powerful lead generating strategies implemented in his campaign, Joe now gets enough leads and sales to make his business sustainable and competitive.


NEW CASE STUDY Affordable Mowing

Affordable Mowing – Justin wanted a second income so he started his lawn mowing business in June and is now getting plenty of work


NEW CASE STUDY 3 Maids Cleaning

3 Maids Cleaning – Priya always wanted to own her own domestic cleaning business and now she does! She’s thinking of quitting her job and working full time in her own business.


NEW CASE STUDY Garden Services

Gardening Services – Viki wanted to increase his income and started a mowing business – he did so well now he has 3 businesses – Mowing, Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control!