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You see, the problem is not starting a business but getting clients!

Without clients, you’ll not have a business!

Cashflow is the lifeblood for any business, and cash flow comes from customers.

Many people start their own business unplanned, with little or no marketing or business development knowledge and get frustrated when it comes to getting clients and growing their business, therefore causing some to give up.

That’s why we created our unique ClientsNOW Business in a Box system

You will get a detailed business start-up and marketing system unlike any other on the market today that has been designed specifically to help you start earning FAST!

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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Online Retail Dropship Business Today!

Online retail is to increase considerably as it becomes the pre-eminent focus of consumer spending, both essential and discretionary.

With the current social distance restrictions in place, more people will shop from the convenience of their homes so you can now in a position to take advantage of this opportunity.

Start your own carpet and rug cleaning business
  • Instant Cash Flow: Get Get paid daily – immediately you have sold a product – no waiting for week to week paychecks
  • Easy To Run: No experience needed! If you can use the internet, you can do this.
  • Low Start-Up Cost: All you need is a laptop, internet connection and a basic range of products
  • Highly Profitable: Make an easy profit on products as a middle person – simply purchase and resell
  • No Overheads: No fixed rent to pay. Your only expense is inventory and marketing. Alternatively, you could consider a dropship retail or wholesale model
  • Flexible Hours: Work when and where you want – even from the kitchen bench
  • Recurring Revenue: Your customers will continue purchasing from you when you stay in constant contact with them – we’ll show you how

Mobile Phone Repair Industry

The mobile phone repair business is a multi-billion-dollar industry that requires minimum investment to start and little to no experience.

With the increasing number of smartphones, the industry of cell phone repair shows a lot of promise and a good future.

The mobile repair business is great for low capital business owners and offers your customer convenience. It is also good for developing relationships with your customers and is great for referrals.

  • How Much Money Do You Need To Invest? With a cell phone repair business, the start-up costs are extremely low. You can literally start with a single cell phone screen and make enough money to quadruple your inventory.
  • What Type of Phones Should You Repair?

    You should choose which phones to repair based on the demographic of your area. The easiest phones to get started with are iPhones as they require little experience to fix and minimal parts and tools.

    However, Android phones control most of the market share of devices on the market. The big 3 brands out there are Samsung, HTC, Windows and LG, tho the later requires a bit more equipment and experience to fix

How Do You Make Money?

Make money by repairing mobile phones and tablets as well as selling phone accessory products online from the comfort of your home.

No Contact. Lockdown Restrictions You Don’t Need To Meet Anyone. Work From Home. Orders are taken online. Payment is processed online. You simply fix the phones, pack the orders and post the parcels. Simply Purchase The Products From Local Suppliers at wholesale prices, add your mark-up and resell. There are plenty of wholesale suppliers now willing to sell to people who want to resell. Introduce a new range of additional products like phone and tablet covers, USB cables, chargers etc

  • Name:

    Select A Business Name (We’ll help you choose the right one depending on the products you wish to sell)

  • Website:

    http://demos.businessgrowthclub.com.au/mobile-phone-repairs/ (You’ll get a website similar to this one – can be customized to suit your brand)

  • Who it Suits:

    This business is ideal for people who enjoy customer service and working from home

  • Skills Required:

    Take online courses. Apart from basic phone repair skills, knowledge of customer service and the internet would be handy

  • Expected Revenue:

    Phone glass repair range from $99 to $159. Other services you could offer are Screen Repair, Battery Repair, Charge Port Clean, Charge Port Repair, Camera Glass or Rear Camera Repair etc

    If you buy an item for $10 and sell for $50, you make $40 profit. If you sell 100 items at $50, you can expect to make $5,000 in sales. Imagine if you have 1,000 products, how much would you make?

    Online products are easy to sell. Run Facebook ad google shopping ads to get sales and traffic. We’ll show you how.

  • Marketing:

    Get started with your Custom Branded Website, Printed flyers, Printed business & loyalty cards, How To Start And Succeed With Your Own Business eBook, Comprehensive Operations Manual including business registrations, daily operations, bookkeeping, website management, Over 116 Powerful Marketing Strategies To Skyrocket Your Business Revenue, 132 Templates, Checklists and Sales Scripts to make your life easier, Time Management, Goal Setting & a Powerful Mindset Training Module PLUS full marketing support to get you off the ground and earning fast! Simply purchase our ClinetsNOW Business in a Box Kit to receive all the above!


    You are not alone …you have our full dedicated marketing support and mentoring to ensure your business is successful and constantly generating sales.

How Much Can You Make?

  • There are 18470 monthly searches for “mobile phone repairs”, meaning 18740 people are searching for mobile phone repairs services on a monthly basis
  • If you are in Brisbane – there are 390 monthly searches for mobile phone repairs services
  • Let’s say you get those people onto your website
  • That’s 390 people who land on your website
searches mobile phone repairs start your own business working from home services
  • Let’s say out of those 390 people, only 10% call you – that’s 39
  • Now let’s say you charge $129 per screen repair
  • You have the potential to make $129 x 39= $5031 per month in revenue from 39 new clients
  • What if they told 10 of each of their friends about you and those people purchased your service – how much would you make every month?

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No Experience Needed

No Tech or Coding Experience Needed. No Marketing Experience Needed. We Will Provide You With A Comprehensive Marketing Guide


No Contact. Purely Online

With COVID-19 Restrictions You Don’t Need To Meet Anyone. Work From Home. Simply Purchase The Products From Local And International Suppliers, Pack & Shop Orders. Simple


The Most Challenging Part For Any Business is Marketing….Because Without Marketing, You’ll Have NO Customers, Therefore Dooming A Business To Fail……

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Suppliers Sourced

The products in your website are sourced from verified overseas and local suppliers and you’ll get contact details of these suppliers. We’ll also work with you to source more suppliers. You are free to add more products and suppliers. * Gold & Platinum packages only

Dedicated Support

Starting and growing a business is hard…especially when you don’t know how to do it. That’s why we created a dedicate Business Growth Coaching system designed exclusively to help you avoid the pitfalls of operating your business – you’ll get dedicated support from an experienced coach to help you navigate your business to success!

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ClientsNOW ……Your Complete Business in a Box System!

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