Way back in the day, you might have spent an afternoon or two mowing your neighbors’ lawn to earn a couple bucks.

Maybe your parents put you up to it, or maybe you were just hoping to save up for a brand new pair of kicks.

Whatever the case, you probably didn’t think much of the lowly task at the time.

But now that you’re all grown up and you’re looking for a profitable venture, lawn mowing might have popped in your head as a potential business.

It’s low-cost, low-skill, yet high-income – if you play your cards right.

If you’re still on the fence and you’re not quite sure whether you should push through with the idea, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 15 solid reasons why you should stop second-guessing and start a lawn mowing business today.

The Government Supports You

Well, that sounds a little surprising, doesn’t it? But small businesses fuel the Australian economy, which is why the government would be more than happy to help you establish your little venture.

Currently, there are over two million small business operating in all of Australia. That accounts for around 97% of all businesses in the country.

Now more than ever, private individuals are in the perfect position to explore their business potential.

If you decide to push through with your lawn mowing business, you can be sure that your local government won’t give you such a hard time. Requirements are scarce and the process is pretty straightforward – so you can get it up and running in no time at all.

Australians Don’t Have the Time

Did you know that 98% of Australians are employed either full or part time? That means that of those who are homeowners, only a tiny fraction will be able to spare the time to tend to their own lawn.

And that’s not just conjecture. A recent study found that 21% of Australian homeowners will mow their lawn once every two weeks, while over 16% will only reach for the mower when the grass starts to get hazardous.

Unfortunately, experts recommend mowing the lawn at least once every week. So there’s around 37% of homeowners who already fall within your market. Being the guy that cares for their lawn when most of them can’t puts you in the position to secure tons of jobs – and lots of repeat clients.

Friends and Family Make Great First Clients

Lawn care is a service that nearly everyone needs – and that includes your family and friends. One of the things that make the service especially smart for first-time business owners is that you don’t really need to look too far for your first clients.

Family and friends can be your initial group of patrons, and you can use their lawns to adjust to the learning curve.

They can offer you lots of wonderful insight on any changes or improvements you might want to adapt before you work with actual clients. The best part is that they’ll likely be candid yet gentle with the feedback, so they’re not likely to go writing bad reviews on your Google My Business page.

It’s Low Cost

Lots of other start-up business ideas might be bright, but they’ll also call for a whole lot of capital. With a humble lawn mowing business, you might not have to worry so much about the start-up cost.

Starting out with nothing more than a mower, a few gardening tools, some work clothes, and a car (which you might already have) to bring it all with you will basically be everything you need to get started.

If you’re really strapped for cash, you can even try to target homes that already have lawn mowers. That way, you can simply use their equipment while you get the job done.

As you start to grow your business, then you can think about buying new equipment to call your own.

It’s High Income

In Australia, homeowners will gladly pay $40 for every hour of lawn care. Keep in mind that that number isn’t set in stone – it can fluctuate depending on a range of factors, including the lawn’s size and the neighborhood you’re working in.

Needless to say, homes in more exclusive communities will be willing to pay a higher fee.

Assuming that you can secure 5 different 1-hour bookings throughout a single day, that puts you in the position to earn up to $200 every day.

If you’re working 5 days a week, that means earning a fat profit each week. The best part? Because the start-up cost was so small, you can expect to pocket the whole revenue you make – assuming you haven’t hired any workers just yet.

Skill Isn’t Necessarily Imperative

There are lots of skilled jobs out their like electrical and plumbing tasks that need a lot of knowledge for safe and proper execution.

But if you’re just mowing a lawn, you don’t really need to know a lot.

As long as you can start your lawn mower, push it around, and get that grass cut down to a one-inch height, then you already know everything you need to know.

Of course, there’s still room for improvement. Fortunately, the avenues that offer learning in lawn care are pretty accessible.

Free workshops, books and how to guides, and online instructional videos can all offer lots of valuable information to help you bump up your lawn care know-how to better service your clients.

Lots of Potential for Stable Work

There are just some businesses out there that will constantly need to fight for patronage.

That’s because the kinds of products and services they offer aren’t necessarily the kind you’ll always need. For instance, a dress and suit making business might have a bunch of clients who love their work.

But because the need for dresses and suits is a seasonal thing, there might be a time of the year when sales hit rock bottom.

In the same way, a brand selling clothes might have to maintain a perpetually aggressive marketing plan to constantly push new clothes, discounts, and sales into the collective consciousness of their market.

But with lawn mowing, that isn’t a problem. Mowing services will be needed on a regular, recurrent basis. So once you secure and satisfy a client, they’re likely to keep calling you week after week to get the job done all over again – no persuasion needed.

Lots of Room for Expansion

Just because you started out as a lawn mowing business, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way forever.

There’s lots of room to expand your services and evolve as a venture the longer you stay on the market.

Lawn mowing will often crawl into the territory of lawn care, landscaping, weeding, tree trimming, or even tree transplanting! It all depends on how well you learn the ropes.

You might not even have to study the specifics yourself. As you earn a profit and save up your revenue, you’ll have the option to hire more and more workers.

Choosing those who already have the skills for the brand new services you want to offer means you don’t need to learn anything. Just make sure you’ve hired the right people with the right skills so you can introduce the new service to your clients.

No Need to Quite Your Day Job

One of the struggles of new business ownership is that you’ll have to give up a lot of your time so you can manage and oversee operations as they stabilize. But if you’re working a lawn care business, you might not have to be too neck deep in the work.

Choosing to operate just on the weekends means you can still work your regular desk job hours.

Once you stabilize your revenue and schedule, then you can consider freeing yourself up to work on your lawn mowing biz full-time.

It Advertises Itself

There are some services that you’ll have to work hard to advertise. But a lawn mowing business might not have to be too hard to bring push into public view.

Once you’re done mowing your clients’ lawn, the lawn itself becomes an advertisement.

Because most homeowners source their lawn care services from the recommendation of family and friends, doing a good job means catching the attention of the others around your client.

If they like the job you did, then they’re likely to ask your client for your contact details.

Hiring Doesn’t Have to Be Tedious

If you decide that it’s finally time to hire some new workers, then you’ll find it to be relatively easy.

Because lawn mowing doesn’t require a lot of skill, virtually anyone can be part of your team. What you really want to look into is the different personalities of the people that apply for the position.

As long as your workers are friendly, respectful, and trustworthy, then you can be sure that they’ll satisfy your clients to the highest possible standards.

Potential for Franchising

If your business model is that good, then you can potentially sell the idea to people in other cities and councils.

Franchising can be exceptionally lucrative, giving you the opportunity to expand your brand name without actually having to pay for it yourself.

Of course, it’s going to take some time, and you might need to really nail your marketing strategy and your brand identity. But if you get the right help, then you might just be able to move into franchise territory soon.

Visit our website to find out how we can help you with the technicalities of digital marketing so you can reach that goal sooner.

No Physical Office Needed

There are some start-ups that will call for a physical front or a brick-and-mortar right off the bat.

This is especially true for businesses that might require their clients to walk in to make a booking or to receive their services all together.

With lawn mowing, there won’t be a need for that until much later on.

You can take bookings online, through phone, or through text to start.

Without the office, you can keep your essentials and equipment stocked up at home instead.

Workers can be called in from their respective homes in case of a booking. Really, you can make it all work even without the designated headquarters.

No Foreseeable Shortage of Clients

There are some businesses that fizzle out and fade even after having enjoyed a long time on the market.

That’s ventures these businesses focus on services and products that follow a hype.

Once that hype dies down, the consumers fade out and stop supporting your business.

More often than not, this happens to businesses that offer things that people might want, instead of those that people need.

Lawn mowing is something that people have needed for centuries, and that’s not set to change any time soon.

As long as you maintain a good reputation and meet your clients’ standards, then you can feel secure that there won’t be a shortage of work anytime soon.

Live the Dream

We all want to be able to enjoy the benefits of earning a solid income while staying at home.

And with a lawn mowing business, you might be able to do just that.

Sure, it’s going to take some time and effort at the start.

And you might have to mow a few lawns here and there yourself.

But as you grow and establish your venture, and as you hire more workers to do the mowing for you, then you can start to sit back and watch it all unfold from the comfort of home.

Over to You

You were right about the lawn mowing business – it is a bright idea that could earn you a fat profit with a little bit of hard work and dedication.

While you might have an idea as to how to work the business end, we’ve got the chops to help you out on the marketing front.

Ease your load and focus on the core responsibilities of running a lawn mowing business and leave the digital marketing strategy to us.

Visit our website to find out how we can help you sky rocket to money-making prominence through our tried and tested marketing tactics.



Neil Singh

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